How 'hardworking and bubbly' Lloyds Bank worker became a £500,000 fraud queen

Annabelle Allan (pictured), 29, was a seemingly normal girl from Halifax who worked as a technician at a Lloyds Banking Group branch.

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A 'hardworking' and 'bubbly' mother-of-two's life of deception led her to con her own family and friends in a scam worth half a million pounds.

Annabelle Allan,29,was a seemingly normal girl from Halifax who worked as a technician at a Lloyds Bank branch.

However,the beauty-loving criminal mastermind 'sophisticatedly' used her job as a 'cover' to trick those closest to her - including her own brother - into investing in a fake share scheme. 

The seemingly intelligent young woman could have earnt an honest living for herself,but instead her 'addiction to money' led her straight to prison,with even her brother supporting the prosecution's case.

According to her LinkedIn profile,Allan started working at Lloyds Banking Group in September 2015. Prior to that she had worked as an ICT Technician and a Service Desk Advisor.

On her profile,she describes herself as a 'hardworking,bubbly,enthusiastic and friendly person' who has a 'thirst for knowledge'. 

Bradford Crown Court (pictured) heard some victims had been reimbursed by Lloyds Bank,but there was still an unaccounted sum of £167,796.40

But behind the mask of a 'bubbly' young woman who had a 'thirst of knowledge' lay a much darker mind. On Tuesday,June 18,Bradford Crown Court heard how Allan began her offending back in 2017 when she was said to have been struggling with her own debts.

Prosecutor Marte Alnaes outlined details of Allan's offending to the court,which started with her taking out personal loans in her brother's name without his knowledge. 

Ms Alnaes said those offences had resulted in an outstanding debt of more than £16,600 and her brother had had a county court judgement made against him at one stage.

She said her brother had spent months trying to 'clear his name' and he had no option but to support the police in prosecuting his sister. 

Ms Alnaes said between 2017 and 2019,Allan also used her IT position at a Lloyds Bank data centre to devise a 'detailed and convincing' fake share scheme before encouraging family,friends and acquaintances to invest in it.

Over that period Allan was said to have obtained just under £500,000,but almost £330,000 had been 'recycled' back to investors. The court heard that some victims had also been reimbursed by Lloyds Bank,796.40.

Allan was said to have forged signatures and sent investors fake letters purporting to be from the police or solicitors. Lloyds Bank investigated Allan's activities in early 2019 and after being suspended she was dismissed four months later.

In Court,Allan's barrister Recorder Bryan Cox KC explained how Allan fell into a 'vicious cycle of debt' after taking out a Payday loan when she was 18.


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