Aussie pool queen Cate Campbell drops retirement bombshell after missing out on the Paris Olympics - but some swim fans are HAPPY to see her go

Australia's pool queen Cate Campbell has dropped a bombshell about her swimming career. It follows the 32-year-old failing to qualify for a record fifth Olympic Games.

World Jun 26, 2024 IDOPRESS

Australia's pool queen Cate Campbell has officially announced her immediate retirement from elite swimming.

It comes after Campbell,32,was recently unsuccessful at the national trials in Brisbane in her bid to compete at a record fifth Olympics.

'From little things,big dreams grow,' Campbell posted on Instagram.

'After over 20 years,over 35,000km,over 19,000,000 strokes,four Olympics,eight Olympic medals,seven World Records and countless memories it's time to officially say goodbye to the dream I have had since I was 9-years-old.

'As of today,I am officially retired from elite sport.

'I have had some time over the past week to reflect on my career,and while there are many conflicting emotions,especially because it did not end exactly how I had hoped,I am still able to look back without regret. 

'I gave the pursuit of a fifth Olympics everything I had,and therefore,even in failure,there is a small,indelible kernel of pride.'

Campbell went onto acknowledge the high level of support she received in her decorated career.

Campbell (pictured middle) won eight Olympic medals stretching back to her debut Games at Beijing in 2008

'One of the biggest myths is that swimming is an individual sport,' she added.

'While it was only me under the bright lights behind the starting blocks,there was a small army of people who got me to that place.

'So,I would like to thank my extended team over the years.

'My family,my friends,my partner,my competitors,my Australian Dolphins teammates,my management team,my physios,my coaches,Swimming Australia,the Queensland Academy of Sport,the Australian Olympic Committee,the New South Wales Institute of Sport,my sponsors,the swimming officials and referees,the basket kids,the events teams and every single swimming fan who has supported me over the years.'

Campbell enjoyed a highly successful career with her goggles on,picking up her first Olympic bronze medals in her debut games in Beijing back in 2008 as a 16-year-old.

Over the next three Games,she graced the dais frequently,snaring four gold medals and a silver.

Fellow Aussie swimming great Libby Trickett was among those who paid tribute to Campbell in response to her retirement news.

But not all of the comments on Campbell's Instagram update were positive - many American swim fans were highly critical of the freestyle sprinter.

It comes after the veteran got into a war of words with retired US superstar swimmer Michael Phelps - and Campbell also previously labelled Australia's biggest pool rivals 'sore losers' after the Dolphins won more medals at last year's world championships.

'At least you won't have to hear the star spangled banner [in Paris],' wrote one 'fan.'

Another posted: 'What does karma taste like? 


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